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Press Location

Need a quirky location for your next photo or video shoot?

We understand that working in media you're always looking for interesting and unique locations for your shoots. The Cantina serves as a unique backdrop for all sorts of press activities. From photo shoots to music videos and video interviews you'll find the space is versatile enough for your needs.  
The Cantina can be hired any time, 7 days a week. 
Standard rental charge includes:
• Full private use of the Cantina Bar
• Bar Staff
• Sound System and Music
• Furniture
• Alien Characters
• Cleaners
• Overnight Car Parking
Add ons (Extra charges apply):
• Stormtroopers
• Darth Vader
• Boba Fett
• Live music
• DJ
• Entertainer
• Food Buffet
• Cocktail Bartender